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April 22, 2008



I understand the two dogs analogy. If you feed the bad dog you'll might get bitten one day, but if you keep feeding the good dog you will get the award.

In work, for example, if you work at a burger stand and you enjoy what you do; you will have a better chance at being promoted or staying with that job rather than when you dislike the job.

kannan viswagandhi

Hi Cameron,

Only feed the Good Dog,it is simply great one.
Whatever you focus your energy grows - Emerson.
If we focus our energy fully on our strengths and delicate our weeknesses to others who are strong in them,we will be masters of the game.I am sure that this is what the successful people do,one good example is Ford.
Thanks for sharing.
Best Wishes,
Kannan Viswagandhi

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