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July 02, 2007


John David Mann

I'm a devoted Mac user and Apple follower -- and a very satisfied user of Treo / Verizon. I wish the iPhone would be as user-accessible and successful as the iPod—but it won't be.

I'll go out on a limb: I think the iPhone has rocky times ahead and won't maintain its lead. Why? Apple has two modes of strategy: a) share, and b) hunker. An example of "share" is the iPod, which works across both Mac and PC platforms. The Mac -- they fought the pressure to license the code and unlike PC, refused to do so. And the Mac suffered for years as a consequence.

Perhaps Jobs could have waited out Verizon and the others. Or ... I don't know. But this solution - an exclusive deal with AT&T — is no solution. At least, that's my guess. We'll see.

Cameron Johnson

John, I think you're exactly right. Apple needs to hope for the best during this 2-year exclusive with AT&T. What I'm most looking forward to, is the version of the iPhone version that's two years away which will have all the whistles and the service provider of your choice...

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