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May 16, 2007



The retirement funds that you say are killing the business, were the cost of doing business. They were promises that the management made and are immorally backing out of. They had a contract with the workers and a man that even attempts to back out of a contract is not a man I will do business with. The head engineer of Chrysler told me at a meeting that they designed cars to last one day after the warrantee expired and I told him that is why I will never buy another American car, then he kicked me out of the plant and told me never to come back. I had a product that would make their transmission last an extra 100,000 miles and they refused to pay 40 cents more for the product than what they were currently using. Thats not short sighted that is insane. I never have purchased another American car and I probably never will.

If you think destroying the retirement of the workers and backing out of contracts is good business then you have not really learned anything about business you just learned how to be a bully. Being unscrupulous got the big three in the mess they are in. They went after the dollars and forgot they are their brothers keeper and forgot that lying cheating and stealing can ruin a business.

the problem with the car industry is that they charge too much and don't offer anything special.

airbags you can't turn off, car chips that only tell the mechanic about your car. Every car should come with a computer in it for mp3s, an internal navigation system (that is not in the car reporting your every move to big brother), a port for your laptop so you can see what is going on with your car anytime you want.

A decent radio system you can plug an SD card into would be the least they could do. But no. My Mercedes has better equipment (four wheel disk brakes, sunroof, electric windows, etc), is cheaper, gets better gas mileage, is safer and has more bells and whistles and its 20 years old. the least the car companies could do is copy what works but they can't even do that.

I personally could bring back any of the car companies and pay off the pension plans with no problem.

The management acts like they never went to school and the workers complain like children. They just need a good kick in the pants.

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