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February 17, 2007


Sean Pecor

Hey Cameron, this is the mad scientist over in Boones Mill. I enjoyed your speech at Tech on Friday, and it was great to meet another successful entrepreneur in the Roanoke/New River area.

I thought I'd give you a head's up with regard to your blog. It's showing up in Google at both "cameronjohnson.typepad.com" and "blog.cameronjohnson.com". If you haven't already done so I'd configure "cameronjohnson.typepad.com" to universally 301 redirect to your "blog." domain and then after a few months, decommission the ".typepad.com" subdomain if you are able. Having the same blog appear at two domains triggers Google's duplicate content penalty automatically. This dupe detection is now more hardened than it was in year's past. Making this change should get you into the top SERPS for "entrepreneur blog", "entrepreneurial blog" etc.



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